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Zips Recoiler

Provides clean, modern display that makes the merchandise the hero and provides a better customer experience.

  • Hidden cord.
  • Small footprint and aesthetic design.
  • Cross compatibility with all aux ports and ZIPs.
  • Smooth recoiler with lightweight resistance.

Zips Power Multiport

Power and protect up to four electronic accessories with one device.

  • Power and alarm continually charges and protects merchandise on display.
  • “Gold is Good” LED indicates system status.
  • 100 dB alarm.
  • Access Manager compatibility provides audit and zone control.

Zips Power Single Port

Powering and securing high theft electronic accessories.

  • Powers 5V, 1 Amp devices.
  • Detachable sensor for easy daily removal.
  • Rechargeable back-up battery.

Zips 2.0

Versatile alarming security with a complete set of sensors for any application.

  • Detachable sensor for easy daily removal.
  • Roll call feature confirms every position is armed.
  • Cord management extension cables.
  • 100 db alarm.

Zips Camera

Excellent protection for both DSLR and point-and-shoot cameras.

  • Open air cable allows full interaction.
  • Red LED indicates system is providing alarming protection.

Zips Basic

Economical alarming protection for a wide range of merchandise on display.

  • Low cost of ownership, lasts at least five times longer than competitive solutions.
  • Optional flex sensor for merchandise with a curved surface.
  • No key required.

4-Port Power Box

An innovative solution for space limited displays.

  • Provides 5V power for up to four positions.
  • Ideal solution when there is not enough room in your furniture/fixtures for individual power supplies.
  • Small footprint easily fits into any tight situation with no need for a power strip.