Since 1972 InVue has built its leadership position developing innovative products for the video production business, retail music chains, the home office segment, products that secure high theft sell-thru merchandise and most recently retail security protecting mobile electronics devices that are on display in over 70 countries.
This unique track record has been accomplished by hiring great people, aggressively investing profits back into the business and having the courage to disrupt our business even when things were going well.


Secure Fixtures: T1000

Simple push of a button dispenses one package. Five second time delay deters thieves. No proprietary key needed for...

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Cam Lock

Smart Locks: Cam Lock

Designed for swing out doors and pull out drawers. Empowers store associates to quickly access merchandise. Can be mounted...

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Smart Locks: L410

Self-locking protection for sliding bypass doors. High aesthetic and streamlined design provides a quality appearance and complete visibility into...

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Smart Locks: L430

Self-latching so you know when a cabinet or drawer is closed, it’s also locked. Seamless integration into new or...

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Plunger Lock

Smart Locks: Plunger Lock

Perfect for metal frame glass doors, wood bypass doors and glass sliding doors. Empowers store associates to quickly access...

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Showcase Lock

Smart Locks: Showcase Lock

Design for fixtures that have swing out glass doors on a wood frame. Strong, all metal mounting bracket provides...

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Universal Lock

Smart Locks: Universal Lock

Designed for bypass glass doors. Easily installed in minutes, no tools required. Contemporary design compliments display.

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Drawer Lock

Smart Locks: Drawer Lock

Designed for pull out drawers. Designed for single or double thick drawer panels.

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Smart Locks: L440

Self-locking protection. Sales-boosting performance! Designed to work with any glass swing out door cabinet. The IR3 Key opens the...

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Access Manager™

Software Solutions: Access Manager™

InVue’s Access Manager has added tremendous value to our stores by helping our employees improve the service to our...

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InVue Insight

Software Solutions: InVue Insight

InVue InsightSM provides you visibility to in-store activity Insight-enabled InVue devices collect data from displayed devices.

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Software Solutions: MicroSigns

Cloud based content management and distribution. Empowers and improves customer experience with increased engagement. Ability to make real time...

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