invue Lofo

IR Saferâ„¢

Maximum security with full product visibility for packaged merchandise.

  • Strong polycarbonate box, hard to defeat.
  • Works well in layered security configurations.
  • Use the integrated, pull resistant hang tab with InVue Locking Hooks for added protection.
  • Alarms EAS towers (either AM or RF).
  • 5 Safer sizes available to fit a variety of merchandise for a number of industries.

IR Small Package Wrap

Security for boxed merchandise using IR technology.

  • Secure: Cannot be defeated by magnets; Disarm/Unlock with InVue IR3 Key.
  • Small: Alarm housing ideal for small to medium boxes and does not obstruct graphics and information.
  • Easy to Apply: Robust ratcheting mechanism makes tightening quick, easy and application secure.
  • Versatile: Use for standard front facing packages, or short side facing for stacking shallow boxes like laptops.

Secure Box

Durable, reusable security for products with weak packaging or easily defeated hanging tabs.

  • Designed to fit and protect high value merchandise and accessories.
  • Integrated peg slot secures merchandise to InVue Locking Hooks.
  • Secure Box is crystal clear and allows customers a full view of the merchandise and information on packaging.