Since 1972 InVue has built its leadership position developing innovative products for the video production business, retail music chains, the home office segment, products that secure high theft sell-thru merchandise and most recently retail security protecting mobile electronics devices that are on display in over 70 countries.
This unique track record has been accomplished by hiring great people, aggressively investing profits back into the business and having the courage to disrupt our business even when things were going well.


Commercial Tablet: CT100

With integrated charging and no exposed cables, your tablets work 24/7. Can be left unattended; perfect for a self...

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Commercial Tablet: CT200

Unlike your sales associates, you can leave them unattended. Ideal for applications that require tablets to be moved infrequently....

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Commercial Tablet: CT300

Best choice for dynamic point of sale. Integrated charging of tablet and card reader. Rapid mobility using secure electronic...

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Commercial Tablet: CT80/150

CT150 brings integrated charging Flexibility to support all tablet sizes and types Rapid Mobility: Go from a fixed stand...

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Zips 2.0

Electronics Accessories: Zips 2.0

Detachable sensor for easy daily removal. Roll call feature confirms every position is armed. Cord management extension cables. 100...

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Zips Basic

Electronics Accessories: Zips Basic

Low cost of ownership, lasts at least five times longer than competitive solutions. Optional flex sensor for merchandise with...

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Zips Camera

Electronics Accessories: Zips Camera

Open air cable allows full interaction. Red LED indicates system is providing alarming protection.

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Zips Power Multiport

Electronics Accessories: Zips Power Multiport

Power and alarm continually charges and protects merchandise on display. “Gold is Good” LED indicates system status. 100 dB...

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Zips Power Single Port

Electronics Accessories: Zips Power Single Port

Powers 5V, 1 Amp devices. Detachable sensor for easy daily removal. Rechargeable back-up battery.

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High Security: HS150

Ideal for stores with limited store staff assistance. Easy-Lift™ hidden cable delivers a superior customer experience. Alarm-on-Merchandise™ with integrated...

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High Security: HS400

Three display options — puck, stand and wall mount — with multiple size clamps available. Supports OEM power pass...

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High Security: HS80 / HS80QR

Fully adjustable brackets make HS80 simple to install and maintain. The base’s head allows customer to rotate device to...

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